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Egytpian Gods – Anubis – Protector of the Dead CDC#2

Egyptian God Anubis

This was my second entry to the character design challenge, hosted on fb at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CharacterDesignChallenge/ The theme was ‘Egyptian Gods’.

This entry I felt surpassed the first, if only on the conceptual side – the imagination and idea was stronger. I also managed to work a bit more on gesture even if the pose isn’t super dynamic – he is a guard after all. Because I nailed down the line-art first, after quite a few initial silhouettes, I was able to push the proportions a lot more. I still think my rendering technique needs some cleaning up, and my anatomy and perspective are still a little wonky, but I’m on the right path. Silhouettes are a must.  This design obviously had more appeal too, as it attracted a lot more attention on the facebook group than my first entry; I think this was due to the thought behind the design and its uniqueness. Funnily enough as soon as I’d finished it, before posting on the community, I had felt like I hadn’t done that good a job though.

Below are the initial silhouettes I produced:

egypt gods silhouettes


I think while I did do better, there are still gaps to be filled. Again, more practise of the fundamentals is necessary to cater for the errors in anatomy and perspective. Some elements lack justification, such as the gloves – perhaps they should have also been armoured – But I think focusing on personality and purpose at every stage can help weed out these errors.

Texture needs more work as well, to really define the different materials and how light acts on them. There’s a need for more contrast.

I’ve also become aware of a weakness in terms of producing a suitable and atmospheric background – I’ll attempt to combat this next time.


As well as maintaining the new practises I employed in this design I will endeavour to do the following on the next design:

  • Experiment with different, more squared brushes – more daring, strong shapes and gesture.
  • Write down a few keywords that define the character and justify any design decision with them.
  • Simplify the rendering stage in order to focus on the conceptual side first – more detailed silhouettes.
  • Collect more reference of characters, poses, environments.
  • Better attention to the background and its planning.
  • Tighten attention to symmetry and perspective of form on the body.
  • Again – get weird and experimental!




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