12 months. 12 Characters.

Indian Dancer CDC #1

Indian Dancer

This was my first entry to the character design challenge, hosted on fb at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CharacterDesignChallenge/ The theme was ‘Indian Dancer’.

Because this is my first, I think the gaps in my character design skill-base are quite plentiful. While I’m fairly happy with the rendering, the colours and the concept, it’s obvious to me the design is missing the fundamentals that take an image from simply good to outstanding. This was made more obvious by putting my work out there amongst a community of people working on the same theme. I noticed the more popular entries really nailed the elements that are missing from my design, the elements that really grab the attention of the viewer and provide appeal.


I think my first mistake was in the planning. While I did gather decent reference images on the theme, I didn’t do enough experimentation with silhouettes and gesture. I just dove straight in with the first idea that came to mind. The anatomy, especially when considering the hands, was a bit of a struggle too. A dancer in the act of dancing should portray energy and movement, this is lacking in my design, but was something all the popular designs portrayed well. My style is really lacking something unique in terms of proportion and form too, and this is something I really want to develop over the 12 months.


I will look at a number of things on the next design:

  • Produce a number of experimental and bold silhouettes in the early stages.
  • Study and exaggerate gesture and line of action.
  • Study and use better reference for anatomy.
  • Nail the line art before going into final render.
  • Most importantly – be more daring and weird with proportion and form!

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